Frequently Asked Questions

How does WeNoKnow work?

Once you provide your information, we send all your details to our call center in India! That's where the magic happens. Some poor sap will find restaurants around you based on how broke you are, and then order you whatever they feel like... Okay not actually.

Where does the food come from?

Your guess is as good as ours. We use ordrx to make our orders. They have over 14,400 restaurants delivering food in the US!

How random is the food?

OK, it's not COMPLETELY random, per se (sp?). We use your preferences for price range and number of people to guide your order. We also try to remove "non-foods." We try to order one entre per person, hopefully you get something you like!

I don't like the food I got...

At least you didn't need to spend the time choosing where to eat :)


Did something go terribly wrong with your meal? Please get in contact with us at