should we
eat tonight...

We were sick and tired of choosing where to eat, so we made this ridiculous app that will deliver you random restaurant food.

After WeNoKnow I was found
Before WeNoKnow I was Lost

food delivered
In just a few clicks...

We took thinking out of the equation. So our app is bound to be the fastest way to get food ever... At least, I mean, probably?

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stop wasting your time...

You just ordered completely random food! Sure, you'll question what you're doing with your life. I mean, what if something comes that you don't like? You can't return food! But then again there's a chance something will come that you love *! And love, well love is a hard thing to find these days.

* WeNoKnow doesn't guarantee true love, the existence of true love, or lack there of. The love you may or may not experience through our service is purely coincidental, highly unlikely, and frankly sort of weird. Please use with caution and less emotional investment.

#wenoknow Here's what people are saying...


For my 10 year anniversary I wanted to do something special with my wife. We went somewhere real romantic, I busted out #WeNoKnow and she was swooned by my spontaniety. Thanks! Oh yah, and we got a hella cash meal too!

- Nickola Peterhun

I don't know If I'd reccomend this app. I got a gorgeous salad, but my gf got a kebab and 3 raw onions. #WeNoKnow

- Polly Gong & Anderson Wilson

#WeNoKnow saved our marriage

- Jim & Ami Tasset

I'm no busta. I use WeNoKnow because it keeps me young! #foreveryoung #WeDon'tKnow

- Coral House

I left my second Bae because she was so indecisive... I knew the third one was a keeper when she introduced me to #WeNoKnow.

- Zac House